Business Advisory Services

Our business advisors leverage their vast experience in business to guide you through crucial moments and important business decisions.

Tax Planning & Strategic Advice


Our goal is to ensure your tax planning and strategies alleviate concerns about compliance and reduce unexpected tax bills. We support you in staying focused on what truly matters – your business and the pleasure of life.

Tax effective structures & incorporations

We offer guidance on structuring your business in a tax-effective manner, enabling you to stay focused on moving closer towards your goals.

Business consultancy services

No matter the challenges you face, we provide expert advice and practical solutions to foster the natural, profitable and sustainable growth of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I restructure my business?

To minimise business risk and maximise flexibility in attracting investors, obtaining loans, and managing taxes both within your business and as the owner, successful entity restructuring is essential. The first step is seeking advice to determine the most beneficial structure for your unique situation. Once that’s done, we’ll handle the setup process and manage all the labor-intensive tasks on your behalf.  

What is strategic advisory?

Generic tips from Google have their limitations. Obtaining precise strategic advice for your business can greatly influence its direction. This advice involves studying financial reports, analysing business operations, interviewing stakeholders, and evaluating competitors to provide a personalised solution for your business’s key challenges.

Can you help me grow my business?

As your trusted partner, we adopt a comprehensive approach to your business. Our goal is to minimise your tax obligations and simplify your accounting procedures while offering continuous guidance to aid your strategic planning and achievement of broader business goals.
RLA is dedicated to empowering businesses toward achieving financial prosperity and growth.

RLA is dedicated to empowering businesses toward achieving financial prosperity and growth.

Client Commitment

More than just tax compliance. We are available throughout the year as your trusted advisor and business partner.


We believe in taking the initiative and staying ahead of the curve to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We anticipate their needs, identify potential challenges, and provide timely solutions.

Rapid Business Support

We greatly value your time. Our solutions involve prompt responses to your email queries and unlimited phone support.


Our staff consists of Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) who sit on the committee of the Taxation Practitioner's Board. We maintain a strong focus on continuous upskilling and education within our firm.

Latest Technology

Our innovative approach involves leveraging new technology that is customer-friendly, while maintaining robust security for payments, data collection, and protection.


Our staff want to provide help to you, rather than just processing your tax information. Our advice is based on your personal needs and the issues that impact your business and financial affairs.

We would love to hear from you
We would love to hear from you
We would love to hear from you

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